Fine chemistry and Pharma - DuraMem® and PuraMem® membranes for organic solvent nanofiltration - OSN

Where our OSN membranes can be used?

Gentle API processing

Processing APIs and their intermediates at lower (ambient) temperature minimises damage to these often complex molecules. APIs and intermediates can be concentrated or purified using OSN membranes without exposure to damaging heat.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and their intermediates are typically complex molecules that are produced in multi-stage syntheses. To produce these molecules in high purity and high yield it is essential to minimise losses in each reaction and separation step. The complex nature of these species makes them temperature sensitive – heat damage during synthesis and separation can reduce yield, reduce purity or reduce both. Separations such as concentration or purification operations can be carried out effectively with OSN membranes at relatively low temperatures (ambient temperature or below). Molecules of 200+ Da molecular weight can be retained by OSN membranes which allows smaller molecules to be separated from larger molecules, i.e. purification, or the target molecule can be retained by the membrane and concentrated. Evonik’s range of DuraMem® and PuraMem® OSN membranes can be used for these applications.