OSN Membranes Products

Adding value with gentle molecular separation

Evonik provides two families of OSN membrane products with performance characteristics targeting the needs of the chemical process industries for separation-, purification-, recovery- or concentrationbased applications.

osn membrane products

Until recently, molecular separations using membrane technology were almost exclusively based on aqueous systems. Nanofiltration was initially developed for water treatment and softening and its' applications have broadened into sectors such as the food industry (milk and juice production) and fermentation processes (e.g. pharmaceutical production).

With the development of solvent-stable membranes, the application fields for nanofiltration are being extended to the full spectrum of chemical process industries, e.g. Pharma, Fine Chemicals and Flavour & Fragrance. The breakthrough in OSN technology with the commercialisation of the DuraMem® and PuraMem® range of membranes has opened up possibilities for applications in a variety of organic solvents ranging from non-polar through polar to polar aprotic. Highly selective membranes operating at room temperature and carrying out gentle molecular separation are the key features that reduce process costs and increase its efficiency!

The solvent-stable DuraMem® membrane family is compatible with a wide range of organic solvents, and organic or aqueous solvent mixtures, including polar and polar aprotic solvents such as acetone, tetrahydrofuran and ethanol*.

The PuraMem® membrane family is also solvent-stable, but is compatible and designed for use with nonpolar solvents such as aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic hydrocarbons and ethyl acetate*.

* More details can be found on our membrane datasheets.

DuraMem® excels, where most solvent-stable membranes fail. It offers long term stability in aggressive polar solvents including the polar aprotic solvent family.


• 150 Da

• 200 Da

• 300 Da

• 500 Da

• 900 Da

Useable in

• acetone

• ethanol

• methanol

• tetrahydrofuran

PuraMem® membranes (PM) are targeted at applications in non-polar solvents.


• PM 280

• PM S 600

• PM Selective

• PM Performance

• PM Flux

Useable in

• toluene

• heptane

• hexane

• methyletherketone

• high boilers